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Located in Taksim, known as the center of business and entertainment on the European side, Beyzas Suites is the new residence for business and private travelers with its privileged structure, comfort and quality service in the center of the city ...
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We offer our guests a breakfast buffet between 07.00-10.00 on weekdays and 07.00-10.30 between weekdays. Early C-out and breakfast service is available at our hotel for guests who desire.
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Sauna provides the perfect environment for body and soul health. The toxins are thrown in a harmonious heat, the rest and then the shower, which is taken with cold water, regulates blood circulation, reduces tension, rests and gives peace.
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It is a method of care that includes pouch and foam massage with traditional practices. It is designed with mosaic stones you can see in the classic Turkish bath. All seating areas, belly stones and walls are heated. The temperature reaches 55 degrees. With your pouch, your skin is cleaned from dead cells and then relaxed with a foam massage.
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